my mama heart hurts today. today was hard.  we pulled up and I just knew. I knew it was going to be hard. my heart started pounding and I thought about just turning around. but then I knew I had to be brave.  brave for my sweet two and a half year old.  brave for […]

I can’t even believe we are sharing this news! We are expecting twins! It feels like we have been laughing ever since we found out. It’s been hard to put into words how thankful we are and how beautiful God’s story is. We have had a desire to grow a family and for some time […]


I told myself I would start blogging our family and Lucas every season….so here is our fall! I always hesitate to share things when they aren’t completely cohesive or representative of my brand on this blog…. but the perfectionist and cautious person in me is letting that go – because this is our story and […]



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