Here’s to 33!

June 26, 2018

33 today! And I can’t believe how lucky I am. More wrinkles than I planned on, gray hairs coming in, creaky knees, but my goodness, my life is full. Full of early mornings, cuddles, lots and lots of bottles, lots of laughing, and crying, comforting. Mundane and crazy all in the same. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today was a simple day, but simple in the best way. The kind I don’t want to forget. A scurried, crazy morning trying to get out the door, Chick-fil-a breakfast sammies, doctors appointments for the boys, a day at our gracious friend’s pool, laughing with Ben about who knows what, a family nap (all five of us, wahoo!!!), and a yummy dinner at home with my family, concluded with a Dairy Queen Blizzard ice cream cake (yes, it was amazing if you were wondering).

I think the world tells us that birthdays should be all about us, and some years I’ve bought into that more than others and maybe felt let down. A few days ago, I read something about Mother’s Day that resonated with me for my birthday… that days like birthdays aren’t for feeling celebrated or super loved…but they should be about how thankful we are for the people we get to love. And man oh man, am I super thankful for the people I get to love. My sweeties – all five of my boys!!! Our amazing families and friends. The list is endless. Gratitude changes everything.

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