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September 13, 2016

It’s Julie & Josh! As you scroll through these pictures, you will very quickly be able to tell how in love these two are. It is always my job to make my clients feel comfortable, direct them, and show them how to pose, but it is so fun when you can catch those in between moments of giggles and just pure job between two people! There’s lots of those moments in this session. :)

Julie and Josh are good friends of ours, and I think I will always remember when they first started dating because it was the week that Lucas was born! :) I knew who Josh was, but I don’t know if I had officially met him before they started going out…When Julie first started telling me about him, her whole face would light up (let’s be real, it still does :) and she was just pure giddiness. I’m smiling thinking about it now. It’s evident that Josh feels the same way! These two are crazy about each other, I’m crazy about them together, and I think everyone around them in their life would agree too. :)

Julie & Josh, we are so so excited for your wedding!!! T-minus less than two weeks!!! Wahoo!

  1. Becca says:

    Such natural beauty!!! Julie, I am so happy for you and thankful to see these amazing photos through Leigh!

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