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January 4, 2015

I’ll be honest…Goals are weird and uncomfortable for me! They can be so gray; not knowing exactly what I need to do is difficult. And they can be scary; setting myself up for expectations!? (That I could fail at!?) Sounds like a bad idea…at first. But the more that time passes though, I am realizing they are healthy and helpful in making sure I am on track to where I want to be. They just need to be attainable & realistic!


After reading fellow photographer Nancy Ray’s goal setting advice, I feel like her blog post helped me to set up a framework for my goals. I’ve laid out what worked well and what didn’t work so well in 2014, and what my yearly goals are going to be.


What worked well:

  • Quality time with Ben. We both have schedules that are very flexible, and so some of my favorite times with him were going out to breakfast together and really taking advantage of our schedules.
  • Found an office space that I just adore to meet with clients.
  • LOVED working with my clients. I’m really blessed to work with such amazing people in such fun times in their lives.
  • My business grew so much this year! We shot 25 weddings & 28 seniors.
  • My craft is improving. More and more I am finding my style and capturing things I love more effectively.
  • We have been following Dave Ramsey’s money management system, and it is working great! We are spending within our means without credit cards and saving.


What didn’t work well:

  • No marketing plan – for blogging or social media, which meant tons of wasted time (ie, too much time on instagram – ugh!)
  • Too much on my plate with seniors & weddings; definitely need to consider hiring an intern or smooth out workflows
  • I was too busy this year and my work/life balance was way off. By the time I realized this though, it was too difficult to get back on track. This year I am going to take on less to begin with and add on more as I go.
  • Discipline & a focused schedule. This affects everyyyything. Excited to be more on track with this for 2015.


Goals for Year:

  • Develop social media marketing plan – use a social media/marketing manager!
  • Develop and stick to blogging plan; blog 2-3 times/week
  • Workout 3 times a week
  • Begin shooting film
  • Shoot 15 weddings & 25 seniors
  • Breakfast meetings with Ben twice a month to discuss finances/state of business/just enjoy each other!
  • Go on one trip with Ben just for fun!
  • Read bible & devotional daily. It’s incredible how much reading the bible can make my attitude for the day so much better!


Next steps are going to be…breaking goals down into quarterly and monthly goals! I will share as I go. Good luck setting your own goals!!!!! Xo!!!

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