Alex & Maddie | Columbus Ohio Engagement

October 22, 2015

Alex & Maddie … two of Ben and I’s best friends! And they are getting married next year! It’s so crazy and exciting! We are so happy for these two, and I absolutely loved getting to hang out with them and capture this time in their lives on camera.

Maddie holds a particularly special place in my heart. I’ve known this sweet girl since she was a freshman in high school. I met her through Young Life, and I was her leader all through her high school years, and recently, we have had the opportunity to be Young Life co-leaders. I’ve felt like I have watched her grow up!!! I get the privilege of being one of her bridesmaids in their wedding, and I couldn’t be more honored. :)

Enjoy their session, and what they had to say about it all! Love you, Maddie & Alex!

1. How did you feel during the session?

We loved how fun and casual the session was. We both felt very comfortable and free to be ourselves!

2. What was your favorite moment? What made your session special?

Our favorite thing was getting to laugh with each other and with Leigh, which happened throughout the whole session. It made it special because we really got to enjoy the moment.

3. How are you planning to enjoy this time of engagement?

We are hoping to enjoy engagement by focusing more on where Jesus has us and what he’s doing than getting distracted in the details of planning a wedding.

4. What are you most excited for about your wedding?

We are honestly just excited to get to be married! We have been immensely blessed and can’t wait to celebrate what God has done in our lives with all of our loved ones.

5. Alex, what is your favorite thing about Maddie?

My favorite thing about Maddie is her goofiness. She is weird and her weirdness invites laughter and joy. There’s never a dull moment with her.

6. Maddie, what is your favorite thing about Alex?

My favorite thing about Alex is the way he loves Jesus. He is so fun loving and goofy, but also incredibly genuine and humble when it comes to pursuing his relationship with Christ. I see so much of the Lord by being around him and there’s no one else I would rather live life with!


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