Happy Birthday, Lucas

November 28, 2018

A Letter to Our Three Year Old 

Dear Lucas, 

You woke up this morning with my favorite, crazy bedhead that we have all come to really adore. You woke up as a three-year-old! I can’t even believe it. It feels like yesterday we met you and instantly fell in love with you.

Not only did you turn three today, but you also had your very first day of preschool. Your first day of school. Your first time on the school bus. Your first teacher. Your first locker. 

My heart was so conflicted as I was preparing for you to go to school. I knew you were ready to go. I knew it would be so good for you. But the mama bear in me was scared and wanted to hold you tight for just a little longer. 

The bus pulled up this morning, Dad got you out of your car seat, and we walked you to the big yellow bus. You were still pretty sleepy, but you happily got on board, but not until mama took your picture. I felt the tears coming, and I watched the bus aide, Alma, help you get situated. You looked out the window at Daddy and me, and I just felt a huge burst of pride. Happy tears. 

Your dad and I were totally those parents and followed the bus to school and stood by your classroom door, waiting for you to get off the bus.  Alma couldn’t stop telling us how happy you were and how good you were. Your teacher grabbed your hand and helped you put your things away. We peeked in your classroom through the window a few times to make sure you were okay, and you were 100% doing awesome. Sitting with new friends, coloring a picture that is totally on the fridge now and of course that I think is the greatest thing ever.

This is just the beginning of your beautiful story. You are going to do big things, Lucas. Your joy and your confidence amaze me. You are going to be a little light to your friends and your teachers and I just feel so lucky to be your mom.

As daddy tells you every night, you are strong and brave, and fun and kind. Your mama and daddy love you so, so much. And God made you perfectly.

Love you always and forever, 


  1. Sarah says:

    Absolutely perfectly…❤️, P and G

  2. Deborah Wroble says:

    This is so beautiful, Leigh. Lucas is an amazing little boy and we all love him so much!

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