Nathan & Amanda | Columbus Ohio Engagement Session

October 29, 2015

I remember a few years ago, Amanda telling me that I was going to take her wedding pictures. This was pre-engagement, and maybe even pre-“serious” with Nathan. We laughed about it, because it seemed so far away, but (clearly) she really meant it. :) And oh, how I’m so glad she did mean it! It is so wonderful to have clients (and friends!!!) book with you because they have been following your work and love and appreciate what you do. Fills the job with so much joy.

Amanda was my Young Life co-leader for a small bit, and Nathan is someone I have known from afar for a while now. And let me just tell you…. they are completely smitten for each other and such a joy, individually and together. It was so, so fun to see these two together during our session….Amanda giggling and loving every second of our photo shoot, and Nathan just rolling with it and just happy to be with his fiance.

I love how their session turned out! Amanda, you’re beautiful in and out! Love you so much! Very excited that I get to be apart of this wedding!!! Enjoy! xo!


How did you feel during the session?

The session kind of felt surreal to me just because this was something I have been looking forward to since we got engaged. I didn’t really know what to expect since Nathan and I have never had professional pictures taken together before, but I felt really comfortable the entire time and felt excited about every new picture that we took.

What was your favorite moment? What made your session special?

What made our session so special was how you were so willing to listen to my thoughts and what my personal vision was while still putting your vision as an artist in the session as well. It made me feel like you were just as excited about the session as we were. My favorite moments were just when you were asking us questions about our lives and relationship in between photos- it made it feel less like a formal photography session and more like something you wanted to truly be a part of in order to capture our relationship via photograph as best as you could.

How are you planning to enjoy this time of engagement?

This season of engagement has actually been pretty difficult for us because we are more busy than we have ever been and have pretty opposite schedules. Wedding planning so far has been pretty fun, though, when we are able to make final decisions together. We also recently just asked our wedding party to be a part of our big day, so I think we have lately been pretty thankful for all of the incredible people that are in our lives. Until August, I think we are going to continue to surround ourselves with those who love us and push us towards loving each other well. We are excited to seek wisdom from the married couples that we know that live out Christ-centered marriages as we go from living two independent lives to being a part of a covenant where your life is no longer just your own.

What are you most excited for about your wedding?

There are a lot of things that I am excited about for our wedding day which probably won’t shock a lot of people since I have basically been planning my wedding since Pinterest was established. However, I would say that I am most excited about being about to proclaim before our family, friends, and God that we are making the decision to choose to love each other every day. I am excited to use our wedding as an opportunity to remind those who will be there (as well of ourselves) of the truth of the gospel – that we love because He ultimately first loved us, and marriage is our opporunity to lay down our lives daily for someone else, as the way Jesus ultimately laid down His life for ours.

Nathan, what is your favorite thing about Amanda?

My favorite thing about Amanda is the love she has for Jesus and how she has let His love transform her life for His glory. I love how she is similar enough to me that we can connect on a deep level, but she is different enough to always keep me on my toes. I love that she is intelligent, beautiful, and funny in a goofy sort of way.

Amanda, what is your favorite thing about Nathan?

My favorite thing about Nathan is the way that he never lets temporary emotions get in the way of the truth that he knows, mostly because I am prone to do the opposite. He knows truth and knows his Savior and knows the purpose he has been given, and he doesn’t let anything make him lose sight of that. He loves me the way Jesus does and never lets me forget who I am and where my identity lies, and in the midst of doing so, he never fails to make me laugh, bring me Chipotle when I’m craving it (which is pretty often), and watch rom-com’s with me if I’m in that mood. I’m so thankful that I get to marry him.


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