Natural Posing

May 23, 2017

So often I am asked how I get my couples to pose so naturally. I think the truth is, it starts so much earlier than the wedding day. I have found that there are a few things I do that can help my clients to feel comfortable, relax, and truly enjoy me taking their photographs.

Here are a few thoughts on how to achieve natural posing with your clients:

1.Build rapport with them. Get to know your clients. This can happen in a million different ways: send them a questionnaire getting to know them, call or set up a skype meeting, meet in person over coffee. Communicate in a way that you are not only a professional, but someone who wants to walk alongside them during this season of engagement. For me this means, saving their number in my phone, being available for questions they have along the way, and meeting with them in person when possible. Find a rhythm that is comfortable for you! They will sense your openness and this is the first huge piece in helping them to trust you. For a client to pose naturally for me, they need to trust me!

2. Be the professional. Take the reigns! Your client hired YOU, which is a huge self-esteem booster already! They acknowledge that you are talented and enjoy your work, so now it is your time to show them you are worth it! Professionalism to me means taking your job, your clients, and their time seriously. It means respecting your clients, and exceeding their expectations with your work ethic. During the session, I take on the role of facilitator, director, encourager, coach, teacher, all wrapped into one! I am leading my couple through the session, and giving them a sense of comfort by doing so.

3. Be positive and give feedback. A huge piece of the session is giving my clients constant, positive feedback. I don’t want them to have any doubt in their mind that they are doing a fantastic job and their photos are going to be amazing! I am not the chattiest person, so this is an area I am working on, but I’ve found the more I am able to communicate encouragement, the more relaxed my clients feel!

4. Have fun with them! The best thing I can do to bond with my clients is to laugh and to not take things too seriously. Get to know them, ask them questions about their life, find ways to connect with them, show them you are interested in them! Humor (when used correctly) puts everyone at ease. I am really not a funny person, but I know how to laugh at myself and also connect with others that helps them to let their guards down.

5. Apply all of these actions towards the engagement session. If you can nail these things during the engagement session, your couples are going to trust you so much with their wedding day and posing is going to feel natural! They are going to be excited, feel comfortable, and enjoy their time with you. That is 100% our job – to serve and love our clients. And in so many ways, enhance their wedding day!

Below are some examples of really natural looking posing!


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