Nick & Rachael | Columbus Ohio Engagement Session

October 28, 2015

I’ve had the extreme privilege of knowing these two wonderful people since they were freshman in high school! I cannot believe they are getting married! One of the most wonderful gifts of being a Young Life leader is watching high schoolers not only grow in their faith, but just growing up in general. Knowing someone as a fourteen or fifteen year old, and then watching them grow into adulthood, preparing for marriage… it’s very surreal. And not only that, but I am so proud of them, and confident that they are making a decision that will draw them nearer to Jesus. This is one of the biggest blessings in my life! What a gift that I get to play a role in Rachael and Nick’s relationship and engagement. They are both individually amazing, and together, I know they are going to be even better. Love you both and so very proud of you! So excited for you to be married!

Enjoy getting to know Rachael and Nick, and their pictures! xo!

How did you feel during the session?

We were totally at peace. Leigh did such a great job guiding us and making us feel comfortable and as a result it was easy to be ourselves. There was also a feeling of joyful nostalgia as we were taking pictures and reminiscing on some of our favorite memories together.

What was your favorite moment? What made your session special?

For Nick, it was watching Rachael carefully stepping through the field making sure to avoid any spiders. If you know Rachael at all, you know she is absolutely terrified of spiders. Its one of those little cute things that makes her her and I loved getting to see that small glimpse of her personality peak out. For Rachael, the most special moments of the session were getting to look into Nick’s eyes and feel how much he loves her.

How are you planning to enjoy this time of engagement?

We’re enjoying getting to look back on our favorite moments together and distilling the many characteristics of our relationship down to a couple key fundamentals that say this is what we want to be about. 

What are you most excited for about your wedding?

We’re excited to have so many of our friends from the many different parts of our life together in one room celebrating the redemptive work that Jesus has done in our lives! How fun is it going to be to look across the room and see a room full of people who we each love and value deeply?

Nick, what is your favorite thing about Rachael?

I love how well she notices and loves every person she interacts with. She has such an external focus. She notices when people aren’t feeling valued, included, or loved and goes out of her way to make sure they feel the opposite! There are countless things about Rachael that I love — but the selfless way she loves me and her friends shows me Jesus in the greatest way.

Rachael, what is your favorite thing about Nick?

My favorite thing about Nick is the constant picture of grace and unconditional love he is in my life. He is quick to forgive, quick to love, and quick to remind me of my true identity. He cares so much about me and always goes out of his way to show and tell me that. I’ve never had anyone care about me in the ways that he does.

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