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January 14, 2015

Yesterday, some high schoolers sent me an email asking for the top ten tips to become a successful entrepreneur (they were needing some help for a class). I sort of laughed when I saw it, because that is humbling, and it is still funny to think of myself in that sense. But somehow it was really easy to think through and write these out for them.  I love being a business woman. I love working with people. I love growing and getting better. I never thought this would be the path I would end up on, but it is so much fun!

So here goes……(I feel like David Letterman here…) Hope these are helpful to any one who may be considering a small business venture or really, trying anything new!

My Top Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur…..

1. Find something you are passionate about. Being an entrepreneur means a lot of hard work, long hours, and giving away a lot of your time. When you are working on and towards something you love, it wont necessarily feel like work.

2. Determination. Persistence and determination are really important ingredients to becoming successful. Picking yourself up when you make mistakes, pushing through when you’re just “not feelin’ it”, and fighting to grow and get better are crucial.

3. Networking & Marketing. It’s so important to get to know other professionals within your field. And how you present yourself to others can open so many doors for opportunities. This pertains to emailing, in person interactions, and social media.

4. Goal setting. Know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Yearly & quarterly goal setting are so helpful in setting the pace for your growth and business’ growth.

5. Reflection. Set aside time to look back and evaluate your progress and growth. Ask yourself, what is working? What is not working? What changes need to be made? What should I continue?

6. Set boundaries. Running your own business can be very consuming, so setting personal and work boundaries is not only helpful, but very healthy. For example, what hours will you work? When will you put the laptop down and be with your spouse and/or friends? Being present in your personal life is rejuvenating, and will make your time at work more productive and life giving.

7. Specialize. Find a niche within your area of business/expertise. And then get really really good at that area. Strive to be the best.

8. Learn to say no. Saying yes is the easiest, and the way to please people, but sometimes we need to take a step back and say no to things for the sake of our relationships and personal lives.

9. Learn to say yes. Finding this balance is tricky. But we absolutely should take on projects that revitalize us and bring us energy and life as entrepreneurs.

10. Have fun with it!!! Take time to remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place and what you love about your area. For me, that means picking up my camera just for fun and taking pictures for myself. This is so energizing and makes me excited to serve my clients!

And just for fun, a little sneak peek of my office; one of these days I will give you a “tour”! xo!



  1. shauna says:

    yes! you are amazing at what you do & how you do it! so glad i got to see your beautiful work space in person finally, too. xx

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